True, synthetic yard surfaces provided by Y-Turf stay vibrant and manicured throughout the year with little or no effort. But did you also know that it’s extremely durable and environmentally-friendly?

Here are some other important things to know...

Is synthetic turf really maintenance-free?

Almost. You can forget about lawn mowing, irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers, and similar tasks and expenses. You will need to blow off leaves and debris. Sand filled greens will also require some after-care.

If Y-Turf offers different types of synthetic golf greens, how do I know which one is best for me and my home?

Y-Turf offers two main types of artificial turf: sand-filled Polypropylene greens and non-sand-filled Nylon greens.  The right one for your lawn depends on the application and how you intended to use it.

If you’re a golfer looking for the best putting surface, then our nylon NP50® (manufactured by STI, Y-Turf's partner and the leading supplier of synthetic turf worldwide) would be the ideal choice. This turf is used by David Leadbetter at all of his golf academies. It rolls at a 10 to 10.5 stimp speed and requires little maintenance once installed.

For a complete short game facility with chipping from more than 30 feet away, a sand filled Polypropylene green is the way to go. This product will hold a shot like a natural green. It will require some after-care like sweeping and rolling to keep your putting surface at a consistent speed.

Can Y-Turf create bunkers around my synthetic green?

Yes, sand bunkers, turf bunkers, and waste bunkers can all be incorporated into the design to give you a complete practice facility.  Bunkers and waste bunkers also add a dramatic color contrast making them aesthetically appealing as well.

Will it look out of place in our yard?

Our Designers will work to provide a landscape plan which complements both the putting green and your existing surroundings.

Do we have to keep our pets off the synthetic surface?

No—the synthetic turf used as the fringe is often used in lawn and pet area applications. Just hose off any accidents or allow nature to handle them.

Beyond golf applications, what other uses are there for grass-like surfaces Y-Turf provides?

Other uses include safe play areas, pet runs, lawn areas and sports fields. We can create a low maintenance utopia for almost any use.

Are the products Y-Turf installs just for homes?

No—many golf courses, community centers, schools and child care facilities, and similar businesses have invested in synthetic turf to improve safety, reduce maintenance, and provide year-round outdoor recreation and revenue opportunities.